Wells Hall – East Lansing, MI

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was contracted to perform the selective demolition and abatement at Wells Hall on the Michigan State’s University Campus. Some key factors for the project are: 29,000 square foot selective demolition of existing lecture halls and structural components to allow for expansion. Abatement of pipe, fittings, and floor tile. Due to the […]

U of M Crisler Arena – Ann Arbor, MI

General Project Scope: The project consisted of the interior renovation of the basketball arena including demolition and removal of 10 large air handlers, sound absorbers, and associated vibration pads in a mechanical space 120 feet above the court floor. A Brokk and Bobcat were utilized to demolish and load the debris into 10-yard roll-off containers […]

Renaissance Center/GM World Headquarters – Detroit, MI

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was contracted to perform extensive renovations on 60 floors of hotel space, which consisted of 24 guest suites per floor, as well as other areas throughout the hotel. The renovation consisted of: The office space renovations took place at Towers 100, 200, 300 & 400 (39 floors) totaling approximately 1,700,000 square […]

Cobo Arena – Detroit, MI

General Project Scope: Complete interior removal of a 12,000-seat arena and access ramps. Created a P.E. certified demolition planned sequence to ensure the integrity of the existing structure. Performed rigging and hoisting of elevator catwalks while safely torch cutting and removing elevated catwalk approximately 90 feet above finish floor. Full-time safety oversight present throughout the […]

The Former GM Plant – Moraine, OH

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was contracted to perform the interior demolition of the 2-story, 2,650,000 square foot structure. HOMRICH utilized 6 – 8 machines equipped with shears. Excavators with shear attachments were employed for removal of the auto assembly lines throughout the plant. Burners and man lifts were utilized for removing ceiling-mounted assembly line throughout […]

University of Michigan Stadium Press Box – Ann Arbor, MI

General Project Scope: HOMRICH ended the 2009 year working at the Big House to strategically remove the former 5-story, 20,000 square foot press box in just six weeks. The project consisted of abatement of regulated materials, manual demolition of the southern third of the building and removal of a portion of the roof in a […]

Bayer Health Campus (Feed the Children) – Elkhart, IN

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was contracted to demolish the nearly 1 million square feet of buildings, foundations, and parking lots. Included on the site was a large central power plant containing three boilers. Before demolition, HOMRICH removed and disposed of 47,000 pounds of PCB ballasts, 27,000 bulbs, and 2,000 gallons of Glycol. Also preceding the […]

Delphi Battery Manufacturing Operations – Olathe, KS

General Project Scope: HOMRICH performed asbestos abatement, plant decommissioning, site demolition, crushing of concrete, and removal of all universal waste inside the 324,000 square feet Battery Manufacturing Plant where lead-acid batteries had been manufactured since 1956. HOMRICH Project Managers performed investment recovery functions placing usable process equipment in operating applications. Prior to demolition, plant decommissioning […]

Red Bank Road – Fairfax, Ohio

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was contracted to provide asbestos abatement, removal and disposal of universal waste, demolition, and environmental remediation at the 600,000 square foot building on the 36-acre site. Asbestos abatement included removal of boiler insulation, asbestos pipe insulation, tank insulation, duct and air handling insulation and transit panels. Demolition scope included total plant […]

Building #116 – Akron, OH

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was contracted to perform demolition of the large building formerly used as a Manufacturing Facility. This 6-story 1,050,000 square foot facility was abated, demolished, recycled, and restored by HOMRICH. All scrap was prepared on the project site and delivered to local steel mills. All concrete slab and footings were demolished and […]