General Project Scope:

  • Complete interior removal of a 12,000-seat arena and access ramps.
  • Created a P.E. certified demolition planned sequence to ensure the integrity of the existing structure.
  • Performed rigging and hoisting of elevator catwalks while safely torch cutting and removing elevated catwalk approximately 90 feet above finish floor.
  • Full-time safety oversight present throughout the duration of the project.
  • Complete demolition of seating and concrete removals.
  • Demolition was conducted during the North American International Auto show with no disruption to the adjacent show exhibit hall.
  • HOMRICH utilized our 140 foot Ultra High Reach Excavator to safely demolish upper portions of the arena.
  • Implemented a site-specific safety program and exclusion zone to keep HOMRICH employees and other trades at a safe distance while performing overhead work.
  • This project required extensive coordination with several other trades in a confined area with a successful outcome.