Our Mission

Utilize the latest cost-effective demolition and remediation methods for timely and competent project completion, while providing a safe work environment for employees and continually considering and mitigating environmental impact.

HOMRICH is a full-service demolition and environmental contractor with the resources to handle any size project, from minor renovation work to major multi-story structure demolition. This has made us the first choice nationwide for private businesses and public agencies of all sizes.

HOMRICH specializes in project planning, site preparation, environmental safeguarding, and demolition work, ensuring satisfactory handling of waste removal and site restoration from start to finish. HOMRICH is equipped to handle special concerns such as contaminated soil, asbestos and lead abatement, and underground storage tank removal.

HOMRICH’s experience and expertise offer a single-source solution for our clients. We take pride in providing our clients with both exceptional value and superior service.

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