Colbert Turbine Hall – Tuscumbia, AL

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was engaged to perform decontamination and demolition of the 1,300-megawatt Colbert Fossil Plant. A significant portion of the work performed was the decontamination and demolition of the Turbine Hall. This work included constructing containment around multiple levels of the Turbine Hall, abating asbestos, mercury, oils, and universal wastes. Once the decontamination […]

Colbert Coal Unloader – Tuscumbia, AL

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was engaged to perform decontamination and demolition of the 1,300-megawatt Colbert Fossil Plant. Colbert utilized the Tennessee River to barge in coal for the plant. HOMRICH decided that the most effective method to demolish the #1 Coal Unloader was to utilize a walking leg approach and pull the structure down. This […]

Tennessee Valley Authority Shawnee Fossil Plant Coal Unloading – Paducah, KY

General Project Scope: As a subcontractor to Southern Marine, HOMRICH performed decontamination, asbestos abatement, and demolition of coal unloading structures, coal conveyors and associated structures on the Ohio River. Conveyors were removed via crane and conventional demolition means. The scope of work required extensive planning, e.g., PE certified lift plans, and safety protocol due to […]

Tennessee Valley Authority Colbert Fossil Plant – Tuscumbia, AL

General Project Scope: HOMRICH is concurrently performing decontamination and demolition. Decontamination includes asbestos abatement, loose and flaking paint removal, universal waste removal and other regulated waste removal, and transportation and legal disposal offsite of all removed wastes. Specific decontamination activities include removal and off-site disposal of uncontaminated coal dust, the removal, transportation and off-site disposal […]

MDOT Gordie Howe International Bridge Site – Detroit, MI

General Project Scope: To prepare for construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge connecting Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan, HOMRICH completed environmental remediation and demolition of over 2-million square feet of structures.  The project included 165 residential buildings, 21 commercial buildings and 11 industrial sites.  Highlights include the following: Demolition/Restoration: Over 200,000 tons of debris […]

CSX Stanley Yard – Walbridge, OH

General Project Scope: The rail yard operates a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that collects, treats, and conveys storm water from the fueling platform to a series of retention ponds via subsurface conveyance. The WWTP consists of weirs and oil-water separators and conveys treated effluent to a series of four hydraulically connected retention ponds that ultimately […]

Black River – Bangor, MI

General Project Scope: HOMRICH crews removed the contaminated sediment from the riverbed and disposed of it off site. Removal involved mechanical excavating and hydraulic dredging. Excavators were used to remove underwater debris while using turbidity curtains to prevent a release of sediment into downstream areas. A dredge was used to pump contaminated sediment into large […]

Joe Louis Arena – Detroit, MI

General Project Scope: HOMRICH was contracted by the City of Detroit to perform abatement of Joe Louis Arena, former home of the Detroit Redwings. Due to the overall project schedule, abatement activities were performed in two separate phases. Phase I included removal of 60,000 square foot of gypsum ceilings hung above the upper seating, miscellaneous abatement, and […]

EMU Boilers – Ypsilanti, MI

General Project Scope: Opterra Energy was retained by Eastern Michigan University to upgrade the University’s Central Heating Plant. Plans called for removing a gas fired turbine, gas fired boiler and replacing the units with updated equipment to meet the University’s current needs. Opterra contacted HOMRICH to remove the existing units and associated equipment to prepare […]

WSU Chatsworth – Detroit, MI

General Project Scope: The Chatsworth Building is located on the campus of Wayne State University and is a 9-story, 110,000 square foot, historically significant building used for student housing. As part of an overall renovation project, HOMRICH was tasked with the interior demolition. Prior to demolition, HOMRICH completed asbestos abatement throughout the building. Interior walls, […]