General Project Scope:

HOMRICH was contracted to provide asbestos abatement, removal and disposal of universal waste, demolition, and environmental remediation at the 600,000 square foot building on the 36-acre site. Asbestos abatement included removal of boiler insulation, asbestos pipe insulation, tank insulation, duct and air handling insulation and transit panels. Demolition scope included total plant demolition of former Ford Transmission Manufacturing facility, and removal of footings, foundations, underground utilities, crushing and recycling of 90,000 tons of concrete material that HOMRICH used a mixing technique to blend soils and crushed concrete for reuse on the project site. Treatment and disposal of on-site stormwater. Disposal of hazardous materials: PCB transformers, transportation, and disposal of materials reclaimed from oil separators, sludge pits, and process piping. Soil remediation included excavation and loading, transportation disposal of approximately 65,000 tons of contaminated soil, and backfilling with crushed material removed from the site, as well as, performed portions of this project in Level B Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Processing, preparing, and recycling of 7,000 tons of recycled scrap.