General Project Scope:

HOMRICH performed asbestos abatement, plant decommissioning, site demolition, crushing of concrete, and removal of all universal waste inside the 324,000 square feet Battery Manufacturing Plant where lead-acid batteries had been manufactured since 1956. HOMRICH Project Managers performed investment recovery functions placing usable process equipment in operating applications. Prior to demolition, plant decommissioning of the facility and machinery was required. HOMRICH crews performed total decommissioning of the structure and machinery; in addition to the capture and treatment of water at an on-site water treatment facility. Demolition included removal of all buildings and structures, foundation, slab, and pavement. The site was backfilled and regenerated into a green site. Processing, preparing, and recycling of approximately 6,000 tons of scrap material. The project included the removal of approximately 2,000 tons of hazardous materials. Soil remediation included excavation and loading, transportation disposal of approximately 5,000 tons of contaminated soil, and backfilling with crushed material removed from the site.