General Project Scope:

As a subcontractor to Southern Marine, HOMRICH performed decontamination, asbestos abatement, and demolition of coal unloading structures, coal conveyors and associated structures on the Ohio River. Conveyors were removed via crane and conventional demolition means. The scope of work required extensive planning, e.g., PE certified lift plans, and safety protocol due to the height of the conveyors and their location adjacent to water channels.

In addition to the coal conveyors, HOMRICH also contracted directly with TVA for the demolition of the limestone yard structures, conveyor equipment, and miscellaneous buildings. The conveyor equipment was removed via crane while the yard structures and buildings were demolished conventionally with hydraulic excavators. An Ultra High Reach excavator, reaching 130 feet, was used to safely demolish the upper portions of structures.

HOMRICH completed the projects on schedule, which were performed concurrently, in 14 months.