General Project Scope:

HOMRICH was contracted by the City of Detroit to perform abatement of Joe Louis Arena, former home of the Detroit Redwings. Due to the overall project schedule, abatement activities were performed in two separate phases.

Phase I included removal of 60,000 square foot of gypsum ceilings hung above the upper seating, miscellaneous abatement, and universal waste removal. One challenge included creating an airtight containment area to put 40,000,000 cubic feet of air under negative pressure. A curtain wall was constructed through the center of the structure to create two separate containments.

Phase II consisted of removing 204,000 square foot of asbestos siding. Approximately 4,300 insulated siding panels were removed one at a time, primarily by crane. Removal was coordinated with a nearby active monorail and the adjacent TCF Convention Center. The monorail was within 50 feet in places. TCF Convention Center loading dock was within 2 feet of the arena facade.

18,000 manhours were worked with zero injuries and 3,500 tons of contaminated material were removed from the building.