General Project Scope:

HOMRICH crews removed the contaminated sediment from the riverbed and disposed of it off site. Removal involved mechanical excavating and hydraulic dredging.

Excavators were used to remove underwater debris while using turbidity curtains to prevent a release of sediment into downstream areas. A dredge was used to pump contaminated sediment into large geobags over 200 feet long. Wastewater drained from the geobags was filtered and treated within two activated carbon systems. After testing, the water was returned to the river.

HOMRICH was recognized by MDEQ and MEEPS for outstanding work performed and awarded Environmental Project of the Year.

Specific project tasks included:

  • Sediment dredging
  • Water clarity monitoring at least four times per day
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Erosion & runoff control
  • Stream diversions
  • Stream bank restoration
  • Temporary sheet pile dam to raise the water level in one area
  • Equipment decontamination