General Project Scope:

The rail yard operates a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that collects, treats, and conveys storm water from the fueling platform to a series of retention ponds via subsurface conveyance. The WWTP consists of weirs and oil-water separators and conveys treated effluent to a series of four hydraulically connected retention ponds that ultimately discharge to Cedar Creek located east of holding pond 4.

HOMRICH was contracted by CSX Transportation to carry out the Holding Ponds Maintenance Project. The project addressed potential petroleum sheen producing sediment that had collected over the years in holding ponds 1 and 2.

After dewatering the ponds, HOMRICH utilized a long reach excavator with a bucket attachment to remove and truck 12,350 tons of contaminated soil to an approved landfill. When testing was complete and contaminants were thoroughly removed, HOMRICH restored the spillways with rip-rap as well as topsoil and reseed of the surrounding area.