General Project Scope:

HOMRICH was contracted to provide demolition services on the 230,000 square foot “old” Sangren Hall that was located within 20 feet of the newly constructed Sangren Hall.

Due to the close proximity to the new building, extreme caution was taken in the demolition process as to not interfere with the active new Sangren Hall. Also, the demolition project was located in the middle of an active major university campus, requiring special safety considerations to be implemented. Additionally, other contractors were completing work in the immediate area and project coordination was imperative to ensure uninterrupted project execution. The project was completed on time and without incident.

In order for the General Contractor to meet LEED requirements, HOMRICH’s contract specified a 78% recycle rate of all materials removed from the demolition site. Almost 27,000 tons of material was removed and HOMRICH was able to generate a rate of 96% recycled material from this project.