General Project Scope:

The project included the demolition of four large boilers residing inside a 5-story power plant. All materials were handled as RACM.  Demolition of all structures, including an above-ground 635,000-gallon oil storage tank and elevated water storage tanks.

Materials handled during the demolition and remediation process:

  • 70,000 ton of demolition material
  • 52,000 ton of concrete crushed and used for backfill
  • 10,000 ton of contaminated soil
  • 400 ton of PCB contaminated soil Asbestos Abatement
  • 22,000 linear feet of ACM pipe
  • 25,000 square feet of window glazing
  • 250,000 square foot of roofing material
  • 6,000 ton of ordered demolition debris