General Project Scope:

HOMRICH was contracted to perform the demolition of the 2.2 million square foot building that reached 25 stories tall and heights of 410 feet above grade:

  • Removed all interior nonstructural items from the four basement levels to allow for the explosive charges to be placed for proper felling of the building.
  • Installed cable ties to the exterior columns on several floors to aid in the felling of the structure.
  • Providing, placing, and compacting 60,000 tons of backfill material in the building’s basements prior to the implosion to assist in supporting the basement walls which reached heights of 60 feet.
  • Included the removal of approximately 200,000 tons of concrete and hardfill building materials.
  • Processing, preparing, and recycling of 35,000 tons of scrap materials.
  • Following the implosion and debris removal, HOMRICH designed and installed a structural support system to retain the basement’s walls that reached 30 – 40 feet in depth.
  • Providing, placing, and compacting an additional 90,000 tons of backfill material in the building’s basements following the implosion.