General Project Scope:

HOMRICH mobilized equipment and manpower to the GM Flint Plant in February 2017 in response to an overhead conveyor trestle failure. Upon successful removal of the trestle, Homrich was contracted to perform demolition in several areas of the plant to accommodate plant upgrades.

While on-site, HOMRICH completed selective and total demolition in assembly, paint, frame delivery, powerhouse, stamping and plant addition areas. Adhering to GM’s plant safety policies, HOMRICH developed detailed pre-task plans for all work tasks performed on-site. In addition, a full-time safety person monitored HOMRICH’s work tasks to ensure the work was being performed according to plan.

Due to ongoing plant operations, HOMRICH worked closely with the General Contractor to schedule work activities so they did not interfere with plant production. This required performing many work tasks during off hours and plant shutdowns.

The project required nearly 50,000 manhours over 18 months and was completed without a recordable injury.