General Project Scope:

HOMRICH was contracted to perform the abatement and demolition of the 7-story, 830,000 square foot structure. It rested on a 15-foot basement. HOMRICH utilized 6 – 8 machines including a High Reach which has a working height of 105 feet. This allowed HOMRICH to demolish the building systematically and safely with minimal disruption to the area. The building was approximately 5 – 10 feet from existing roads.

  • Included the removal of approximately 40,000 tons of concrete and hardfill building materials.
  • Included the removal of approximately 66,000 tons of demolition debris materials.
  • Processing, preparing, and recycling of 5,000 tons of scrap materials.
  • Providing, placing, and compacting approximately 76,000 tons of backfill on-site.
  • Approximately 1,000 pieces of limestone were salvaged. Items were palletized, inventoried, and shipped off-site.
  • HOMRICH was able to recycle 90% of building materials.
  • Soil erosion and sedimentation control permits as well as storm water permits were obtained for this project.
  • HOMRICH was able to meet production goals and timelines, that resulted in the project completion within the contract schedule.